A Few Things A Man Can Do To Up Their Look

It goes without saying that most men a clueless when it comes to style. A man either has his look together and spends a lot of time cultivating their appearance or is clueless and know nothing about style. Fear not though, it take a great amount of cash to be stylish. There are a few things men can do to look better without touching draining their cash-flow or taking hours to keep up appearances. Here are a few helpful tips to start looking better now.

  • Buy a great pair of shoes and a simple belt – everyone notices a good pair of shoes! If you have to spend money, let it be on the foundation of any outfit. Also, a belt made of premium leather is a nice touch – black and brown are safe bets and can be dressed up or down. If you must, try to match the belt to the trousers and shoes, but don’t go full matchy-matchy.
  • Drop the logos and buy fitted clothing – logos are making a comeback in high-fashion, but nothing says douche-bag more than loud branded shirts and trousers – stick to solid colors, subtle stripes or standout patterns to be safe. Also, make sure the clothes fit – nothing says stylish more than a bespoke outfit. Wearing unfitted clothing is the biggest offense most men make, and it makes then look messy. If you’re like most of us, and buy off the rack – find a good tailor and have them make adjustments – the extra effort will pay dividends.
  • Mix things up and remember details matter – personal style trumps everything, so take some creative risks and find a look that works, but by all means don’t be trendy. Also, add little things to get that extra edge to an outfit – bold socks, a great tie, a stylish scarf, cuff links, a cool pocket square, etc. all these little things will add up!

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