The Michelada

The weather is getting warmer and we all need to stay cool and level headed in the Summer. A Michelada is in order: an awesome mix of beer, lime juice, hot sauce, ice and seasoning that sounds weird but is freaking delicious. Some prefer to use premium Mexican beer such as a Modelo but a good ol’ German beer will do the trick.

To up the ante we recommend using a five liter Heineken kegger.

First, juice a dozen limes into a pitcher.


1. 1/3 oz Worcestershire sauce

2. 3/4 oz Maggi Seasoning (From your local Latino grocery spot)

3. 3/4 Hot Sauce

4. Refrigerate


Fill a 12 oz glass with crushed ice. Add some of the mixture mentioned above. Top off with beer from the kegger. For added showmanship rub some lime around the outside rim of the glass and add salt.

Sip and enjoy until the kegger bottoms out or you pass out.


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