How Can We Become A Successful Tinder Swiper?

Why is it that dating apps go against the very thing that they are set to help us achieve: hooking-up. There are thousands of other singles vying for the attention of every eligible person possible. While this might seem like a sure thing, it also means the odds of making a genuine connection is slim to none.  So, how can we successfully navigate this dating labyrinth? Simply creating an awesome profile and engaging in some witty banter is just not enough. If we’re lucky we’ll arrange a date, but how do we keep them engaged during the date itself? So many questions… but don’t get all worked up just yet — we’ve gone to the pros and asked them to share some advice to help us create an opportunity in these swipe-based dating apps. So what makes someone a successful swiper? The  one that can turn a match into a good conversation, and land themselves a face-to-face date of course.

Here are a few pointers to help create a winning strategy:

  1. Lead photos need to convey sense of self – think hobbies, events, and by all means no selfies.
  2. Keep the description short and simple – make it witty to add dimension.
  3. The first line is the calling card – make it count, and use it to help to weed out superficial matches.
  4. Once matched – send a message right away to let the person know that they’re being considered.
  5. If it’s a solid connection – ask for the digits and set up a date!

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