Super Bowl LI – the Patriots epic comeback

Super Bowl 51 promised to be one of the closer match-ups in recent football history, but no-one expected New England to comeback in overtime, and win. Both teams had powerful offenses, but the Patriots had Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in their seventh Super Bowl together. On Super Bowl Sunday they made history — Brady became the first-ever quarterback to win five Super Bowl titles, while missing in action during the first four games and not having Rob Gronkowski for most of the season no less. He was having a stellar year with 28 touchdown passes to just two interceptions.

The Falcons on the other hand were led by MVP winner Matt Ryan – in good form and having his best season – 38 touchdowns, 4,944 passing yards and a great QB Rating (117.1). Julio Jones was his ace at receiver, despite a toe injury, and the Falcons having a weaker defense, the team still had all the tools to outscore any opponent.

Going into Super Bowl LI – it was a total toss-up as to which team lifted the Lombardi Trophy, but after an intense second half that ended in a 28-28 tie – the game went into overtime and the rest as they say is history. Final score: 34-28 and Tom Brady is legend.

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