The influence of pop culture in our lives

Clothing; from the shirt, trouser, shoes and wrist watch that we wear are an extension of who we are as guys. Having a sense of style is a must in order to get noticed by the ladies, ’cause honestly no one can ever say that they have scored by looking like they’re homeless or clueless for that matter… unless they have some serious game or are really, really good looking but that’s getting off topic. The chicks are trying just as hard to get noticed and its nice for us to to let them know that we are doing the same. However, that does not mean that in order to get the ladies you have to dress like a chick. That being said we have to ask; what’s with the tight jeans, bro? Really, we ask ourselves this question every time a dude walks the street in super tight jeans. Men have no business wearing tight-ass jeans. Women can wear jeans that are painted on for all we care, the tighter the better! So, lets leave the tight jeans to the babes who are better at pulling it off, pardon the pun, but lets not be too negative. There are two situations where tight jeans get a pass, if you are 1) in a rock band or 2) a rock star, then you be excused for wearing ball wrenching jeans, otherwise you look like an idiot. When did this trend start? It must have been in the 80’s during the punk rock scene in NYC, but who really knows ’cause it seems that nowadays everyone is on a retro kick for some reason. Let it go.

Moving on, having a portable music player is an accessory that most of us can’t live without. If you think we’re kidding try leaving at home your iPod or MP3 player for the morning commute, it’s a gut wrenching exercise in patience ’cause throughout the entire commute you’ll have to listen to every douchebags phone convo and mindless chatter, annoying. Needless to say its crucial to our sanity to have an option to tune out the BS of everyday life, but tuning out has taken a horrible turn with the introduction of the mega retro head phones that seems to be part of every hipster uniform. Really, what is the deal with those things? Wearing them must be asĀ  painful as looking at them for sure. Are they trying to look like Princes Leia from Star Wars ’cause it sure looks like their fashion cues are coming from a galaxy far, far away. What happened to the good old days of compact technology? The idea was to be able to carry all your gadgets without the burden of them being bulky and heavy. Nowadays, the bigger the gadget the better… look at the iPad! Nuff said.

Last but definitely not least, we come to the epitome of pop junk. The rise of the “Reality Television” show. The idea was cool during the early 90’s with the ‘The Real World’ but now the phenomena has gone from awful, the ‘Jersey Shore’ to unbearable ‘Wives’ series. We understand that mindless entertainment is just that, mindless… this type of entertainment says a lot about us as as society, but the hell with it ’cause we are not the moral compass here, ha! We watch these numb-nuts every week hoping that there is something to get out of the whole production, perhaps they are good for something ’cause they sure make us feel good about ourselves, right? The fact that these shows are popular is understandable ’cause its hella fun to watch these fools act like idiots, it’s like watching a car accident over and over until you become so desensitized by it that it becomes surreal. And who do we have to blame for this disaster, MTV, VH1, Lifetime? Maybe… MTV was the channel that brought us non-stop music videos and edgy programming back in the day has turned into a reality television machine that cranks out the hits every season for the past 18 years. But that would be an easy cop out ’cause the Network is only supplying the need of the masses. The real culprit are the consumers that eat this crap up every week and ask for more… bon appetit!

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