Mayweather vs McGregor – Fight Highlights

Billed as the fight of the century, Mayweather vs McGregor didn’t live up to the hype. Mayweather came out of retirement to cash just one more check before returning to the trail, and continue riding into the sunset. We clearly saw that McGregor was out-boxed and outclassed by one of the best tacticians in the sport. Like a Lion playing with a Gazelle before going for the jugular. Mayweather seemed as if he was training for a different fight with a throwaway sparring partner – grinning and maintaining the tempo for a delightful symphony of jabs and hooks that landed with efficiency. Just look at the final scorecards for punches thrown and landed. – the numbers don’t lie, boys! On the other side of this spectacle, was McGregor – the peacock and entertainment for the evening. In all fairness – we have to give McGregor some credit – he took some big punches to the face, and never wavered. Keeping the pressure as much as he could early in the fight, and landing a surprising uppercut – trying his best to keep up. In the end, all playthings must be put in their place, and¬†Mayweather being the consummate legend saw his opportunity to shut down McGregor in the 10th, with a barrage of blows that stopped his opponent in his tracks. Had this been a younger Mayweather it would have been a KO of epic proportions, but this is a retired veteran that might as well be 60 years old in the boxing world. Overall, the Mayweather-McGregor face-off was pure entertainment, and Mayweather broke the Marciano 49 wins record – with an asterisk for sure. Only in America! Now sit back, and enjoy the highlight reel.

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