For your consideration… the Apple iPhone 5

Without further ado, the Apples iPhone 5 has finally landed in US soil and the battle to get the consumers hard earned cash has begun. The legion of Appleheads have long awaited this latest installment to the iPhone universe, but was it worth the excruciating delay? Let’s have a look at what promises to revolutionize the smartphone industry. A bold and daring statement perhaps? But we have been here before, it seems that almost every smartphone manufacturer from Samsung to HTC and Motorola have claimed the same stake over the past few years. And for all it’s secretive behavior, Apple had the most uneventful roll out with the iPhone 4S which failed to meet market or consumer inspections. So let’s have it then, let the games begin!

The highly anticipated iPhone 5 announcement didn’t hold back the punches but failed to spark the imagination and creativity that Apple has been know for in the past.

So what’s under the hood? Well here it is:

Bigger Screen – The frame of the iPhone 5 has been elongated by about a 1/4 inch, adding screen height without changing the width which assists the HD video to display in true 16:9 format. The iPhone 5 is about 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S, and 20% lighter.

Faster Processor – The new A6 chipset will result in applications loading twice as fast, graphics running smoother and photos capturing 40% faster.

The Camera – The camera has gotten 25% smaller with better low light processing, and can produce panoramic images. The video camera can shoot 1080p HD video, has improved video stabilization, and allows users to take still pictures simultaneously while shooting video. Facetime will now transmit HD video and can be enabled over cellular networks and WiFi.

 LTE Data and Battery Life – The new iPhone will connect with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks, which stands to improve web browsing and download speeds. Apple is claiming that the battery life of the phone will be a little better than previous iPhones (8 hours of talk time, 225 hours of stand-by, and 8 hours of LTE web browsing).

Smaller Dock Connector – Apple has introduced an 80% smaller connector they are calling Lightning that can be plugged into the phone in any direction, offers faster data transfer, better durability, and selling adapters for $29 a pop.

IOS 6 – The IOS operating systems biggest change is the turn-by-turn navigation capabilities using Apple’s own maps and 3D bird’s-eye images. Also a deeper social media integration within the operating system for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and the web browser will now allow a full screen view.


The new iPhone will come in black and white and will be available for pre-order September 14th and in stores September 21st. The 16GB model will retail for $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399 in the United States, Canada, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France, and Australia with availability in other countries by the end of the year. Now the question remains, is the juice worth the squeeze? Depends on how nutty the consumer is about Apple products in general and the iPhones in particular. The faster processor, increased speed from the LTE data networks, a better and faster camera  and alleged consistent battery life might make the average smartphone shopper pause but then again there’s always next year when Apple might release the iPhone 5S… yeah, we said it.


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