Famous for being famous – Kim Kardashian

Our fascination with Kim Kardashian is a paradox. She’s the poster child of being a celebrity in the 21st century, famous for being constantly in the spotlight. A life that is akin to a bizarre ‘Where’s Waldo’ game, Kim can be found as a spectator in numerous Paris runways, at grand openings of mega-clubs in Las Vegas, opening a retail store in NYC, on television in countless renditions of her surname, etc. etc. the list goes on. But it is without a doubt that Kim’s meteoric rise to fame began with her infamous “sex tape” and seems to be going strong even after a humiliating wedding that was aired on television for all to see. But let’s not get all down on Ms. Kardashian, she’s an extremely savvy businesswoman that has solely built an empire that seems to employ her entire family. In “Kim’s World” there is no such thing as bad publicity, just good business. Kim Kerdashian is hands down the reining queen of our voyeuristic civilization , so let’s all honor the woman that has revolutionized our warped perception of beauty for the better… exotic, voluptuous and ever-ready for her close-up.






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