Tame that beard with these trimmers

Growing a beard is simple enough — controlling it is a whole different beast. Keeping it neat and trimmed can be a challenge, but can be accomplished by practicing proper beard maintenance that requires commitment and a dependable beard trimmer. Facial hair reflects a type of personality and lifestyle. And to maintain the look we’ll need to determine the main purpose of the bespoke trimmer. Is it for perfecting the 5 o’clock shadow or preserving skin? The importance of trimming facial hair can ruin one’s appearance and have some awful consequences if not done properly:

  • Facial hair is prone to creating flaky skin
  • More hair = more skin irritation
  • Skin underneath the beard can build oil and lead to acne

So we’ve gone ahead and researched a few models that are best equipped for each facial profile, and found some trimmers that should be taken into consideration, also, keep in mind the following when selecting the right model:

  • Build quality — buy one for longevity, so think stainless steel body and blades.
  • Cord or Cordless — cord allows for more power given the source, but cordless affords portability.
  • Versatility — Extra features are great and should not be avoided.

Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer (Beard styling)












A slim frame that forged two Clock & Lock trimming combs that support 25 precise settings; enough room between the comb and blades to give the desired length. The maintenance simply requires rinsing the blades under running water removes debris and hair effortlessly. The dual-battery system keeps power constant, and has enough juice for one trim from a mere 5-minute quick charge. (One hour offers 50 minutes of cordless action)


Andis T-Outliner Trimmer (Stubble control)






Andis is manufactured to last, with a shell built to take the abuse it will be put through over the years. Premium carbon-steel blades are specially hardened to provide longer shelf life for cutting. Adjusting the blades will create more room to personalize shaves, and the high-speed magnetic motor operates quietly and smoothly. Blades should be oiled before every use – a minor inconvenience that most are willing to overlook given the performance output.














A wireless trimmer that packs enough power in a compact design, perfectly portable and works right out the box (fully charged in 8 hours it will last several weeks). Comes equipped with a dynamic motor, and professional-grade blades that guarantee a smooth and comfortable trim. The attachments are well built and easily lock into place.

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