April Rose: We would give our left-nut to chill

Hey girl, give us all the advise you want, we’ll eat it up like chicken! By far the best eye candy on the show ‘Guy Code’, April Rose is funny, a knock-out and by all accounts seems very approachable. We can’t get enough of her, she keeps us entertained as well as informed. As men we can appreciate a sexy woman with a sense or humor and wits about her. Who really wants a girly-girl anyway? Okay, maybe on the rare occasion she get’s introduced to your friends and family. And we don’t care what her real hair color is, dirty blond? Raven haired? Who cares!? It’s April Rose’s disposition that keeps us glued to the screen. Oh yeah and a nice rack doesn’t hurt either, but like they say if you got it flaunt it, and boy does April Rose have plenty!

april-rose 4

























april_rose 3


















April-rose 1

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