2012 Porche 911 Carrera S

The 2012 Porche 911 is a high-toned SOB with 400-hp, 3.8 liter Flat 6 under the hood, and gets 21/18 MPG Hwy/City. The Porche 911 is the icon of all iconic sports cars that has been kicking-ass and taking names since 1964. A few changes have been made to the 2012 edition, a wider frame that is lower and longer than it’s predecessors but seems lighter and faster than it’s brethren. Also, creature comforts have been added to the cabin giving it a sleeker and modern feel that most passengers will learn to appreciate while riding shotgun in this bat out of hell. Also available for all the non-purist out there is a seven speed automatic, twin clutch flavor that aims to please. The Porche 911 has been rolled out for the 21st century boys, and the Jokers are wild.

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